It started with a magical flying bus…

The earliest evidence of a sketch from my own fair hand was a biro drawing of a magical double decker bus when I was aged around five. Scribbled on a local company’s letter headed paper from the school’s scrap paper tray, my bus had many windows, even more wheels and it could fly. If it resurfaces I’ll be sure to add a photo, for then you will see that this imaginative mind has been pondering the world and creating wild adventures, for some years now.

I’ve decided to explore surface pattern design and illustration as I wanted to return to my artistic roots. I’ve always enjoyed creating things in 3D, be it a pop art inspired shoe from cardboard and milk bottle tops (GCSE art, oh the boundaries I loved to push), to elemental guardians and dismembered doll parts from clay (ahh those explorative college years). When I moved into my own home I bought a huge canvas, set it up in the spare room and painted a red and orange landscape, with dark  black lines and figures bold. The dog also decided to help me out with this piece, by stepping in the black paint tray I had momentarily left upon the floor (my bad) and then proceeding to run around the house leaving black paw prints on the fresh as a daisy, cream carpets. Acrylic paints and cream carpets mix well, I’m sure you can imagine.


So this leads me to today, here I am after six years of stitching and embroidering as “Scavenger Annie” embarking on a new but familiar adventure involving a box full of watercolours, every pencil under the sun and multiple sketchbooks in varying sizes ready for any artistic inspirational moment that may hit.

Thank you for joining me and I’d love to hear what got you into your creative venture, so let me know below!



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